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The Styling Guru Story

Jennifer Grixti is the Principal Stylist at Styling Guru.  She is personally handles all of Styling Guru’s property styling in Melbourne.  Jennifer has had the wonderful opportunity of living many years in provincial Toulouse, located in the South of France.  It was during this time overseas, that she discovered her passion for interiors and styling homes for sale.

In life, they say find the ‘thing’ that puts you in the happy zone and sets your heart on fire. For Jennifer, styling homes is her passion. She has a natural eye for beauty and brings this love of aesthetics to all her styling work.  Jennifer brings her warm and down to earth approach to all her work.

By using Styling Guru, you will gain a dedicated and personal level of service. Styling Guru knows how to solve interior challenges.  They will bring your home’s full potential to the forefront and optimise your home’s selling price.

Why leave your most important financial investments to chance? Let Styling Guru help you create a welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to all buyers and ensure you gain the best selling price possible.